BOOK REVIEW: Hidden by Kelli Clare


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Goodreads Blurb:

Small-town Connecticut art teacher Ellie James finds the intense connection she’s longing for when she meets Will Hastings, a seductive Englishman with an alluring darkness. But just days later, her sister and grandmother are murdered and she must confront the unthinkable: is Will a man she can trust, a killer—or both?

After surviving a near-fatal attempt on her life, Ellie makes a desperate move: she takes her young niece Lissie and runs to England with Will. There, fiery passion becomes possession, London paparazzi call her by another name, and assassins of a secret society close in after the stunning truth about Ellie’s family is exposed. When Will suddenly disappears after putting a ring on her finger, Ellie must find the strength to elude assassins, disentangle herself from the haunting lies she’s lived for twenty-seven years, and answer one pressing question: who is Ellie James?

My Thoughts:

If you are after a super lusty romance then this is the book for you! I totally thought that Hidden by Kelli Clare was going to be a thriller, but it was heavy on the romance and light on the thrills.

Hidden is about a woman named Ellie James who comes home to find her sister and grandmother murdered, which begins a whirlwind of romance and running from assassins.

I think the biggest issue for me was that I thought the book was going to be a thriller, and couldn’t get past it when it wasn’t. It kind of felt like a Bond movie, but packed with super descriptive sex scenes. I also thought it was pretty abrupt in places with no real lead-in to what is about to happen.. Ellie’s lineage ends up being pretty crazy and interesting though and was something different from everything else I’ve read.

Final Thought: I think this will be a good book for romance lovers who enjoy a fiery romance and don’t mind lots of graphic sex scenes. I got a 50 Shades vibe, but I loved those books and didn’t love this one. I’m also not a huge romance reader so I’m not the target audience for this book either. I think this author is very talented at romance, and if she writes a book that is heavy on thriller and light on romane I will definitely read it.

Hidden in 3-ish words: Red Hot, Intense, Unexpected

⭐️⭐️ / 5

Special thanks to BookSparks and SparkPress for providing me with an advanced reader’s edition of this book as a part of #SRC2018. All opinions are my own.

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