BOOK REVIEW: Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger @cristinaalger @PutnamBooks @AnnMarieNieves


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Publisher: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Release Date: July 02, 2019

Genre: Adult Fiction / Mystery / Thriller

Goodreads Average: 3.98  *as of 6/30/19*


Goodreads Blurb:

FBI Agent Nell Flynn hasn’t been home in ten years. Nell and her father, Homicide Detective Martin Flynn, have never had much of a relationship. And Suffolk County will always be awash in memories of her mother, Marisol, who was brutally murdered when Nell was just seven.

When Martin Flynn dies in a motorcycle accident, Nell returns to the house she grew up in so that she can spread her father’s ashes and close his estate. At the behest of her father’s partner, Detective Lee Davis, Nell becomes involved in an investigation into the murders of two young women in Suffolk County. The further Nell digs, the more likely it seems to her that her father should be the prime suspect–and that his friends on the police force are covering his tracks. Plagued by doubts about her mother’s murder–and her own role in exonerating her father in that case–Nell can’t help but ask questions about who killed Ria Ruiz and Adriana Marques and why. But she may not like the answers she finds–not just about those she loves, but about herself.

My Thoughts:

Girls Like Us is my first time reading a book by Cristina Alger and I enjoyed it so so much.

What it’s about: Nell Flynn is on leave from the BAU after shooting and killing a man, and suffering a gunshot wound. While on leave, her homicide detective father whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years dies in a motorcycle accident and she is forced to go back to her home in Suffolk County to settle his estate. She hasn’t been back since she left for college, and it brings back many nasty memories including her mother’s gruesome murder when Nell was only seven. But she ends up getting more than she bargained for when her dad’s old partner asks her to consult on the murders of two young women. As she digs into the investigation, she starts getting a bad feeling about her dad and the other cops of Suffolk County. Who killed Ria Ruiz and Adriana Marques, and why did they do it? And was the person who got sent to prison for killing Nell’s mom actually her killer?

I saw a few reviewers that mentioned they thought Girls Like Us was fast paced but I feel inclined to disagree. For me, this book was more of a slow burn – at least in the first half – and there was a lot of detail in the beginning that was meant to bring the setting to life. Which Alger did by the way, because I felt like I was right there with Nell. Because of the detail, I ended up reading this book slower in the beginning, but by the end I felt like I was speeding through it because of how much was happening. Overall, I ended up reading this insanely fast and finished in just 3 hours and 21 minutes. This is literally the fastest I think I’ve ever read a book, and I was completely drawn in by the plot and by Nell.

I loved Nell as a character and was so intrigued by the grittiness of Girls Like Us. The overall feel to the book for me was oppressive, like we were under a dark cloud due to all the bad things happening. For me, this was a good thing and the book really came to life for me as I read it. I also loved that Nell was a profiler because, Criminal Minds.

Song/s the book brought to mind: Yesterday by David Guetta feat. Bebe Rexha

Final Thought: I haven’t read any of Alger’s other books yet so I can’t do any comparisons, but I loved the style of writing she used for Girls Like Us. I didn’t see any of the twists coming either, and it felt like I was watching a TV show as I read it. I can’t wait to read more of her books ASAP!

MY RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 / 5

Thank you to Get Red PR and the publisher for providing me with an advance review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.


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