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Publisher: Hot Banana Press 

Release Date: July 22, 2021

Genre: Fiction / Psychological Thriller


“Roils with passion, rancor, and greed wrapped in Southern politesse… King’s intricately woven mystery is sure to please fans of the thriller and suspense genre far and wide.”

Jester Falls has always been an idyllic town. Perfect for a getaway. And what better place to stay than Magnolia House, the tourist trap’s most popular bed and breakfast, run by the eccentric Channing family.

Ruth Channing loves her family—at least what’s left of it. She’d do anything to protect them.

But it isn’t until her brother picks up a mysterious woman on the side of Route 78 that Ruth realizes how many definitions the word anything can have.

Everything about Ashley Parker rings false: her past, her profession, even her name. Most worryingly of all, her reluctance to leave. When guests start disappearing, it’s clear there’s more at stake than just the family business… a lot more.

My Thoughts

I am always excited for a new Britney King novel, and she really outdid herself with Passerby. This was a wild ride as all of her books are, but her writing feels very polished and it felt totally different from her other work. I loved the setting of Magnolia House and could really relate to the small-town feel of Jester Falls where everyone knows everything about everyone. Almost the whole book is told from the viewpoint of Ruth which I really liked, and I could practically feel all of her frustrations coming off the page. She is already struggling with things in her own life when Ashley shows up and having her there added even more tension to the story, plus put a lot more pressure on Ruth. I enjoyed Ruth’s character quite a bit, and for me, she was pretty dang relatable.

Passerby is incredibly addicting and it was very hard to put down to go to bed. I read it in about 2 sittings although I would have preferred to in 1 since I had to know what would happen. The end TOTALLY SHOOK ME, and I still can’t get over how twisty it ended up being. I thought I had everything figured out and I was completely wrong, which if you’re like me, is a huge bonus. This is one of those books where you finish and want to talk about it because it is so good and so crazy. I have loved all of King’s books I have read, and this wasn’t an exception. If you can suspend some disbelief, then you must check out this author’s books. I am a very loyal fan of hers and this was another winner that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon!


Rating: 4 out of 5.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Meet Britney King:

Hello. I’m Britney. 

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, children, a dog named Gatsby, one ridiculous cat, and a partridge in a pear tree.

When I’m not wrangling the things mentioned above, I write psychological, domestic, and romantic thrillers set in suburbia.

Currently, I’m writing three series and several standalone novels.

The Bedrock Series features an unlikely heroine who should have known better. Turns out, she didn’t. Thus she finds herself tangled in a messy, dangerous, forbidden love story and face-to-face with a madman hell-bent on revenge. The series has been compared to Fatal Attraction, Single White Female, and Basic Instinct.

The Water Series follows the shady love story of an unconventional married couple—he’s an assassin—she kills for fun. It has been compared to a crazier book version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Also, Dexter.

Around The Bend is a heart-pounding standalone, which traces the journey of a well-to-do suburban housewife, and her life as it unravels, thanks to the secrets she keeps. If she were the only one with things she wanted to keep hidden, then maybe it wouldn’t have turned out so bad. But she wasn’t.

The With You Series at its core is a deep love story about unlikely friends who travel the world; trying to find themselves, together and apart. Packed with drama and adventure along with a heavy dose of suspense, it has been compared to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Love, Rosie.

The Social Affair is an intense standalone about a timeless couple who find themselves with a secret admirer they hadn’t bargained for. For fans of the anti-heroine and stories told in unorthodox ways, the novel explores what can happen when privacy is traded for convenience. It is reminiscent of films such as One Hour Photo and Play Misty For Me. Classics. 🙂

Without a doubt, connecting with readers is the best part of this gig. If you’d like to connect, shoot me an email. You can also find me on FacebookInstagram, and occasionally on Twitter.

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